Call for Papers

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The following guideline will help you to complete your submission.

Paper Submission Deadline

Thank you for your submission.

January 20 (Mon.) – March 31 (Mon.)

Please contact Secretariat if you have any concerns and/ or inquiries.

Submission Guidelines

  • • Please submit your abstract by uploading a Microsoft Word document.
  • • Your Word document should only have the abstract body and references if applicable.
    Affiliations and other details will be requested to fill in on the “Paper Submission” page itself.
  • • The name of your Word document should include your Registration ID.
  • • Your abstract body should be less than 300 words and should not include any visual data.
  • • All submitted abstracts will be presented at Poster Presentation.
  • • Abstracts must be submitted on-line only.
  • • It will require affiliation details of all authors to submit the abstract.

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